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A workshop for the Saclay-KEK cooperation program on superconducting magnets and cryogenics for accelerator frontier, to be held at KEK International Center Lounge 1, March 24th , 2009

9:15~9:30 A. Yamamoto, Opening remark

SC magent Development (chair Yamamoto)
9:30~10:00 F.Rondeaux Ceramic insulation for Nb3Sn accelerator magne
10:00~10:30 M.Durante The SAFIRS project overview
10:30~11:00 K.Tsuchiya Present status of Nb3A1 wire development at KEK





J-PARC (chair Kimura)
11:15~11:45 Y.Makida Nu-Cryogenics system
11:45~12:15 K.Sasaki Nu-Magnet system

12:15~14:00 Lunch

Future project in Japan (chair Makida)
14:00~14:30 T.Adachi Study of superconducting solenoids for high intensity muon beam lines
14:30~15:00 H.Shimizu Cryogenics for Neutron Fundamental Physics

15:00~15:15 Coffee break

Cryogenics (chair Kimura)
15:15~15:45 B.Baudouy Recent developments in heat transfer through electrical insulation for accelerator magnet coils
15:45~16:15 S.Takada The hydrodynamic and heat transfer characteristics of film boiling modes in He ll
16:15~16:30 Kimura Discussion

16:30 Yamamoto Closing

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